About us

We deliver granting programmes to charities and organisations that support those within the Blue Light community

Established in 2022, the Blue Light Card Foundation was borne out of Blue Light Card, the UK’s largest discount provider for members of the NHS, emergency services, armed forces, and social sector. From wellbeing to working environment, we give back to those who give most. From nurses to cave rescuers, there’s a community that needs more support – that’s what the Blue Light Card Foundation provides.

A group of walkers at the top of a hill looking out at the view
A woman swimming in a lake with a Newfoundland dog
A group of people smiling at the camera on a golf course.

The projects we fund aim to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of members of the Blue Light community, including those in the emergency, volunteer, and rescue services.

Blue Light Card donate a percentage of their profits and we use income from our events, fundraising activity and corporate partnerships. When there’s nowhere to turn to for funding, we’ll be here.

We realised there was so much more that could be done to fund the vital work carried out by the Blue Light community, a theme only magnified by the coronavirus pandemic.

Our vision

We’re working towards a future where every member of the Blue Light community, both past and present, feels empowered, supported and heard.

Every day, we rely on the skills and selfless dedication of the Blue Light community to keep us safe, healthy, and protected.

But we know first-hand there aren’t enough ways to recognise all that they do for us. The Blue Light Card Foundation is our way of doing that – championing their wellbeing, so that they know how much they’re valued. By being there for them, they can continue being there for us.

Our mission

We want every member of the Blue Light community to know that they have support, and to know where to find it in their time of need.

We fund projects across the UK to provide those that deal with the most challenging situations with quality resources, connected environments, and places that support their wellbeing.

Our purpose

The Blue Light Card Foundation exists to increase resilience, enable potential and improve life circumstances for the Blue Light community.

We’re committed to giving back to those who dedicate much of their lives to keeping us safe. We believe a key part of this is collaborating with life-enhancing projects that provide the Blue Light community with experiences and environments that positively impact their wellbeing.