Blue Light Card Foundation has officially launched!

Staff members of BLCF at launch

On Thursday 23rd March, we celebrated our official launch at Leicester Tigers Stadium, with members of the Blue Light community, campaigners, and local leaders coming together to take part in a panel discussion on the importance of prioritising wellbeing, both at work and beyond.

Our first grants

Blue Light Card Foundation has already funded several projects in the UK including Woodland Warrior Programme and  Walk&Talk999.

Woodland Warrior logo
Walk and Talk 999 logo

Our aim

The Blue Light Card Foundation exists to increase resilience, enable potential and improve life circumstances for the Blue Light community. Every day, we rely on the skills and selfless dedication of the Blue Light community to keep us safe, healthy, and protected.

But we know first-hand there aren’t enough ways to recognise all that they do for us.

 With this in mind, we aim to raise over £1 million a year in order to grant funds to other organisations and initiatives carrying out vital work to support the wellbeing of those working within the emergency services.

A few words from our General Manager

Speaking about the launch, Blue Light Card Foundation General Manager, Naomi Adie, said:

“In this community, regardless of role, it’s easy to see why there’s an increased risk of poor mental health and wellbeing. Frequent exposure to distressing situations, long and unpredictable hours, and significant threats to safety are just some of the stressors faced by members of the Blue Light community every time they turn up for a shift.

The Blue Light Card Foundation aims to bridge that gap, by funding everything from bushcraft workshops and yoga courses to TRIM training, meditation classes, and the renovation of wellbeing spaces and break rooms. The projects we fund lead by example, developing a culture of openness that inspires buy-in from leadership teams and changemakers across multiple sectors.

We’re committed to empowering all members of the Blue Light community to know where to find support, and to seek it, if, and when, they need it.”

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