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Funded: May 2023 

Blue Light Card Foundation has provided funding for Frontline 19’s psychological support service. 

Sectors supported: Blue Light community 

Frontline19 is a multi-award-winning service that has worked with the Blue Light community for more than three years, assisting thousands of workers with psychological support and counselling every year. They work with trusts and organisations to help with training and debrief sessions in both group settings and one to one. They have seen a constant increase in demand for services year on year from March 2020. They anticipate this to rise again this year.

Frontline 19 is currently transitioning to charitable status. This will enable them to establish a financially sustainable service and scale it according to demand. This will allow them to support as many people as possible through emotional support, training, education, awareness, and advocacy. They would also like to develop online courses, workshops, and support spaces to reach more members of the Blue Light community.

Claire Goodwin-Fee, CEO of Frontline 19 said, “We are incredibly proud to be supported by the Blue Light Card Foundation and their generous grant. It is so important that we work and partner with organisations who are at the very heart of the work that we do and the very people that we support on a daily basis.

“This grant will enable us to continue to support the hardworking frontline workers who, now more than ever, need our support. We support over 9000 people every week with counselling, training and webinars. We feel incredibly privileged to be part of the frontline community.” 

 For more information on Frontline 19’s provision, please visit .