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Project ARGO

Funded: May 2023

Blue Light Card Foundation is funding a sailing project for the NHS and wider Blue Light community for a month during peak sailing season.

Sectors supported: NHS and the wider Blue Light community

Project ARGO is a relief and recovery initiative for the emergency services. Inspired by the military and delivered by veterans, the project aims to offer the Blue Light community the opportunity to take part in a 24-hour sailing decompression trip in Cornwall. 

ARGO has sailed circa 150 NHS staff since its inception in the summer of 2021. They have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and, as word has spread amongst NHS staff and the wider Blue Light community, the demand for sailing opportunities is increasing. 

With a focus on wellbeing as an intervention, the activity naturally provides the five tenets of wellbeing (as described by the NHS): 

  • connect with others 
  • be physically active 
  • learn new skills 
  • give to others 
  • pay attention to the moment (mindfulness)

With your world reduced to the length of a vessel and each person on board working towards achieving a common goal, a small team develops a connection that promotes productivity and allows individuals to feel seen, heard and valued. The fulfilment gained through this tribal element of connection is of huge psychological benefit, promoting relief, motivation and resilience.

Stephen Marcus, Project Argo spokesperson, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be awarded a grant from the Blue Light Card Foundation. This award enables us to deliver life-enhancing sailing experiences to emergency service employees in support of wellbeing and recuperation. Our model has already proven successful in supporting armed forces veterans affected by military service, and to offer this unique and empowering experience to individuals who deal with stressful and challenging circumstances in their roles every day is incredibly heartwarming. We extend our gratitude to the Foundation for their support.” 

The following sailing experiences will run over 4 weeks, from 29th August to 21st September 2023:
  • 29-30th August 
  • 30-31st August
  • 31st August – 1st September
  • 4-5th September
  • 5-6th September
  • 6-7th September
  • 11-12th September
  • 12-13th September
  • 13-14th September
  • 18-19th September
  • 19-20th September 
  • 20-21st September

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