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Funded: May 2023

Blue Light Card Foundation is supporting mental health workshops and non-contact boxing sessions for social care staff.

Sectors supported: social care

The Frank Bruno Foundation was set up in 2017 to provide a safe environment for young people with mental health issues. Subsequently, they have added a programme for older people who need help to manage their mental health whilst continuing to work.

This grant will fund a Wellbeing in the Workplace project which will deliver mental health workshops and non-contact boxing sessions for social care staff members. This will provide attendees with the tools to better manage their mental health.

Every programme is supported by wrap around care which seeks to understand the issues being faced, manage the programme and maintain contact after the programme has ended.

The mental health workshops will aim to improve mental health and wellbeing through teaching how nutrition links to mental health/physical health, how to manage emotions, and how to set and keep goals.

Retention of this knowledge will be ensured by providing beneficiaries with bespoke toolkits for their wellbeing, enabling them to develop their own strategies to deal with stress, anger, anxiety, and depression.

Non-contact boxing will support mental wellbeing through stress relief, and aid physical health. These sessions aim to get staff exercising in a social, fun and team building environment through games, pad holding, punchbag work, and basic boxing knowledge. This provides substantial benefits to mental health, both through stress relief and the release of endorphins when socialising and exercising simultaneously.

The Frank Bruno Foundation said, “The support from the Blue Light Card Foundation means an incredible amount to The Frank Bruno Foundation. With this support, we can provide our much-needed service to give the tools to aid people’s mental health within the Blue Light services. Not only will it help the people within the service, but also the general public who the Blue Light services work with every day.” 

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